TheBOA.Games is a dynamic game development studio dedicated to creating innovative and engaging thinky games. Our mission is to craft experiences that foster joy and meaningful engagement, avoiding generic violence and instead focusing on unique, thought-provoking gameplay.

TheBOA.Games, founded in 2018 by Breno O. Almeida, began by providing production services for BIG Festival 2018 (now Gamescom LATAM). After earning his degree in Game Design, Breno expanded the company to work with top Brazilian game studios like FLUX, Izyplay, and Oktagon. Actively involved in the São Paulo gamedev community, Breno has led initiatives for SPIN, CADEGA, and IGDA SP.

In 2022, he mentored indie studio Rataiada, helping them create the award-winning game "So Fart Away". This successful collaboration led to Rataiada merging with TheBOA.Games giving birth to a new and strong team of passionate developers.